Chrysler Center Redevelopment

This project involved a vertical expansion and renovation to the existing Chrysler Center East (Kent) Building, its re-cladding, and a new mid-block retail development (the Trylons). An additional 130,000 square feet of office space was added as a vertical addition to the Kent Building. The additional space turned an inefficient side-core building to a central-core plan and maximized the development potential of the site. The lobby was also redesigned and all mechanical systems were upgraded or replaced. The entire building was re-clad in green glass.

The 80-foot high mid-block link building consists of three off-setting glass pyramids recalling the ‘shards of light’ in the Chrysler Building’s spire. It introduces a unique facet to the development while maintaining sensitivity to the Chrysler Building’s landmark status.

New York, New York
Design Architect: 
Philip Johnson / Alan Ritchie Architects
Architect of Record: 
Adamson Associates Architects
Tishman Speyer Properties
620,000 sf / 57,598 sm