Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP)

This eight-story non-profit Foundation Building is envisioned as hybrid community center that will include enclosed workshop spaces such as Maker’s Studios, Movement Studios, A/V Studios, Inspiration Studios, multi-purpose JUMP Studios, a Pioneer Auditorium, Cooking Studios, Café and kitchens, a tractor exhibit, art installations and some interior exhibits. Open air exhibitions — ‘skygardens’ — will be distributed at strategic locations and integrated into the above-grade parking structure.

Parking for 100 cars is provided above-grade and parking for 500 cars serving adjacent site functions is provided below-grade. A green roof atop the below-grade garage, in combination with additional site area, forms a 7.5 acre park that includes an amphitheater and multiple areas dedicated to community events and the Simplot Foundation mission of inspiration. Targeting LEED® Silver equivalent.

Boise, Idaho
Design Architect: 
Adamson Associates, Inc.
Simplot Family Foundation (JUMP) / JR Simplot 3 Properties (Garage)
70,000 sf / 6,500 sm
In Progress