Swiss Re Insurance Headquarters

Swiss Re Insurance's American headquarters is located on a promontory overlooking a lake on a 125-acre heavily wooded site. The spectacular setting inspired a design with large windows that extend from one foot above floor level to the ceiling. The floor is raised throughout. The roof and spandrels are copper clad. 

Interior spaces are expansive with 11-foot ceilings. Special amenities include a cafeteria and fitness centre. A separate parking structure for 874 cars was also provided. The design intent was to minimize the impact of the building on the site. The solution was narrow “fingers” into the woods.

Armonk, New York
Design Architect: 
Schnebli Ammann Menz Architects and Partners
Architect of Record: 
Adamson Associates Architects
Swiss Reinsurance Company
335,000 sf / 31,121 sm