Transbay Transit Center

Pelli Clarke Pelli and Hines won an eight-month-long international Design and Development Competition for the Transbay Transit Center, located in the center of San Francisco's business district. Adamson Associates, Inc., is the Executive Architect for the 1,307,000 sf project.

The six-level glass and steel complex consists of Train Platform and Lower Concourse levels of the Train Station; a Ground level; a Second level; an elevated Bus Deck level; and the Roof Park level which will be transformed into a five-acre City Park. The park will actively improve the environment around the Transit Center, absorbing pollution from bus exhaust, treating and recycling water, and providing a habitat for local wildlife.

The Transbay Transit Center aspires to become one of San Francisco’s great civic places.  Its architecture is open, full of light and clean air, and environmentally sustainable. It is designed to be the centerpiece of a new neighborhood. At the base of the Transbay Tower is Mission Square, a grand public space sheltered under a flowing glass and steel canopy that forms the ceremonial entrance to the Transit Center. The timeless form of the Tower balances the richness of design of the Transit Center.  The perimeter structure of the Center is sculpted like branches of a tree, covered with perforated metal that waves like the petals of a flower. The Transit Center is infused with natural light coming through Light Column, and skylights that open views of the sky and the trees of City Park to all users.

San Francisco, California
Design Architect: 
Pelli Clarke Pelli
Executive Architect: 
Adamson Associates, Inc.
Transbay Joint Powers Authority
1,307,000 sf / 121,400 sm
In progress