Transformation AGO

As the local Associate Architect, Adamson Associates provided peer review and site services for Transformation AGO, the addition and renovation to one of Canada’s most distinguished art museums. Boasting a total museum area of 583,000 sf, the Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the largest art museums in North America,

The 100,000 sf addition and 250,000 sf renovation reorganizes the existing building to unify and transform the multiple earlier phases constructed over the last century, into a clearly organized building. The overall gallery space was increased by 40% to a total of 123,500 sf.

New public spaces include a two-level gift and book shop, a fine dining restaurant, and a café, which was integrated with the members’ lounge and the Jackman Theatre.

Toronto, Ontario
Local Associate Architect: 
Adamson Associates Architects
Design Architect: 
Gehry Partners, LLP
The Art Gallery of Ontario
583,000 sf / 54,160 sm