At Adamson Associates Architects, we fully support and promote sustainability within our practice and our projects, striving to ensure that all aspects of our business have the least harmful effect on the environment. It is our policy to:

  • ensure that regulatory requirements are met and, where feasible, improved upon.
  • purchase and use environmentally responsible products.
  • reduce waste through reuse and recycling programs.
  • ensure the responsible use of energy throughout our business, including conserving energy, improving energy efficiency, and giving preference to renewable over non-renewable energy sources, whenever feasible.
  • maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and the public.
  • promote environmental awareness amongst our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • encourage suppliers, contractors and vendors to act in accordance with our environmental standards.
  • monitor the implementation of the policy by carrying out periodic audits of compliance and introducing remedial measures when appropriate.

We take a holistic view to building design that incorporates proven green building principles into the design process. We employ techniques and practices that have evolved through years of experience gained from working on state-of-the-art projects in some of the most environmentally progressive countries in the world. Working with leading environmental consultants, we have developed a proven track record delivering projects that support a sustainable environment while respecting cost restrictions, environmental sensitivity and client objectives.

Featured Projects

  • One Bryant Park, Bank of America Headquarters, New York, NY (LEED Platinum certified)
  • Hearst Tower, New York, NY (LEED Platinum certified)
  • 25 York Street, Toronto, ON (LEED Platinum certified)
  • Mandarin Hotel and Residences, Las Vegas, NV (LEED Gold certified)
  • Veer Condominium Towers, Las Vegas, NV (LEED Gold certified)
  • Crystals Retail and Entertainment Center, Las Vegas, NV (LEED Gold certified)
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Headquarters, Stamford, CT (LEED Gold certified)
  • Goldman Sachs Global Headquarters, New York, NY (LEED Gold certified)
  • Ministry of Government and Consumer Services Data Centre, Guelph, ON (LEED Gold certified)

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