Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi museum will be the only Guggenheim museum in the region and will be larger than any existing Guggenheim worldwide. Located at the tip of Saadiyat Island, the Museum is conceived as a series of galleries loosely arranged around an open-air courtyard. Two large warehouse-like galleries spill outward from there, interspersed by several cone-shape exhibition spaces that are tipped on their sides and open to the surrounding landscape. The design draws inspiration from its immediate context. The cone-shape galleries, derived from traditional Islamic wind towers, will draw air up through the interiors, cooling them in the summer heat. Their curved forms evoke traditional Bedouin tents. 

Adamson Associates provided design assistance for concept, schematic design and design development.

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Design Architect: 
Gehry Partners, LLP
Executive Architect: 
Adamson Associates (International) Ltd. - Abu Dhabi
Tourism Development and Investment Company
452,000 sf / 42,000 sm
Completed 2010 (Design Development)