MaRS Centre l College Wing and South Tower

Located in Toronto’s downtown core, the MaRS Centre is a skillful mix of heritage and modern architecture that features lab facilities, offices, event venues and meeting places, incubator space, and retail services.

The College Wing, the original brick façade of the old Toronto General Hospital, anchors the MaRS Centre and its redevelopment is a singular example of adaptive reuse. Salient heritage features of the original building and its landscaped forecourt were preserved and enhanced, while the glazed linkages, advanced technology infrastructure, and transformed interior spaces provide contemporary office space and a dynamic interactive environment.

The South Tower, a new 11-storey structure, is located mid-block behind the College Wing and along the south edge of the interior galleria.  Separated from the other buildings by exterior landscaped gardens, the new tower houses the majority of the incubator programs as well as shared facilities such as the auditorium, media centre, video conference/seminar rooms, landscaped gardens, food services, and below-grade retail and amenity areas.

Toronto, Ontario
Adamson Associates Architects
MaRS Discovery District
375,000 sf / 34,800 sm