Ottawa Light Rail Transit

Adamson Associates and BBB Architects, are providing the Station architecture for the ambitious new Light Rail Transit project in Ottawa — a 12.5 km line that will span the downtown core. The project includes 13 new Stations (10 above-ground stations designed by Adamson and BBB) as well as a new Maintenance and Storage Facility designed by Adamson.  

Our consortium developed a unified suite of stations sharing one brand identity that is both iconic and enduring in its architecture. Designed primarily with Passengers in mind, the Stations are safe, accessible, visually pleasing and functionally efficient. Careful integration of art across the system, the warmth of the Stations’ materials palette and ‘acts of place making’ achieved at selected entrance plazas combine to elevate the Passenger experience, which will expand ridership in the short term, and also lead to sustained growth in the long term.

Ottawa, Ontario
Design Architect: 
Adamson Associates Architects / BBB Architects
Infrastructure Ontario
In progress