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Paul MacPhail

Senior Associate

A Senior Associate, Paul joined Adamson Associates in 2006

Paul is an Architect and Project Manager who merges his extensive experience and versatility into guiding the successful delivery of architectural projects through intelligent, efficient, creative, coordinated, and professional strategies.

A consummate freehand sketcher, he crafts a visually analytical approach, with cloud-based collaboration, BIM coordination, and structured QA/AC systems, into his cogent team-based workflows. Supervising project-focused activities, Paul has implemented many production and operational innovations. This incorporates the development of systems driving robust coordination, production control, design team coaching, and contemporary contract administration. His extensive portfolio of significant architectural projects includes major commercial developments, renowned sports and entertainment arenas, recreational facilities, substantial residential and hotel buildings, and an award-winning university laboratory.

Having joined Adamson Associates in 2006, Paul has held leading roles in a series of prestigious developments at the Canary Wharf Estate in London, UK, including Churchill Place, KPMG Canada Square, and Wood Wharf. He was a Project Architect on the recently-completed Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco. Currently, Paul’s expertise is engaged upon for the delivery of a ‘Big Tech’ campus project in California.