151 North Franklin

Located in the heart of Chicago’s “Loop” financial district, 151 North Franklin is a 34-story, Class A+ office building. The overall project accommodates approximately 740,000 gross square feet (600,000 rentable square feet) above and below ground. The office complex integrates a landscaped entrance sequence, typical low-rise and high-rise office floorplates, and a rooftop sky garden behind cantilevered glazed parapet walls.

In a departure from the typology of the typical urban office tower, the base of the building is carved away at grade to create a four-story covered plaza that extends the adjacent park into the site and creates an urban public space which mediates between the enclosed building and the city. This “urban room” provides an outdoor space that feeds off the urban energy around it and gives something back to the city in return.   

Designed to achieve LEED Silver or Gold certification, 151 North Franklin is distinguished by an energy-efficient building envelope sheathed behind simple and elegant facades with radius corners and graduated frit patterns.

Chicago, Illinois
Design Architect: 
John Ronan Architects
Architect of Record: 
AAI Associates, Inc.
John Buck Company
740,000 sf