25 York Street

Located in the heart of the downtown core, this 30-storey office tower projects an ethereal quality that makes the building less imposing on the Toronto skyline, especially against a backdrop of heavily massed office towers to the north. A glass skin extends beyond the building volume, dissolving its edges, and accentuating the building’s overall lightness. The extended fins at either end and on top of the building, exemplify the illusion that the glazed facade is independent of the frame. While providing a striking visual impact, the exterior skin also serves as an important sustainable design feature for this building. A horizontal orthogonal volume, sheathed in ebony glass, creates tension with the airiness of the transparent masses of the tower above it, and the two-storey atrium below it at grade level.

25 York Street is Toronto’s first building to be granted LEED® Platinum O&M. Along with the LEED® CS and CI® Gold achievements, the Tower is also one of the few buildings in Canada to achieve triple LEED certification.

with Collaborating Architect Sweeney Sterling Finlayson & Company

Toronto, Ontario
Design Architect: 
Adamson Associates
Menkes Developments Ltd.
830,000 sf / 77,107 sm