Hearst Tower

The global headquarters for Hearst Corporation is a dramatic 42-storey glass and steel skyscraper built atop an existing 6-storey Art Deco Building originally designed by architects Joseph Urban and George B. Post & Sons in 1928. Although it was anticipated that the Hearst building would eventually form the base for a more substantial landmark tower, no scheme was ever advanced. Renowned British Architects, Foster & Partners, along with Architect of Record, Adamson Associates Architects, completed the vision in 2006 with this 850,000 sf headquarters that combined the salient features of the historic landmark facades, transformed the interior courtyard, and realized a number of design and environmental milestones.

Designed to consume significantly less energy than a conventional New York office building, the Hearst Tower was the first office building in New York City to be recognized by the USGBC. It received a  LEED® Gold rating in 2006 and in 2012, its status was upgraded to LEED® Platinum: EB.

New York, New York
Design Architect: 
Foster + Partners
Architect of Record: 
Adamson Associates Architects
Hearst Corporation
850,000 sf / 79,000 sm