Royal Ottawa Hospital Redevelopment

Replacing century-old buildings, the new 400,000 sf mental health facility accommodates 188 inpatient beds and a wide-range of research, education and outpatient services. The structure consists of nine, three-storey home-like inpatient care units wrapped around open-air gardens to provide access to safe outdoor environments. The seven-storey tower on the southeast corner near Carling Avenue houses the ROHCG’s research, education and administrative services. The existing facility had to remain operational throughout the project.

The new facility is a calming and comforting environment infused by natural light to provide a therapeutic atmosphere for patients to heal. At the centre is the fabulous Winter Garden, a large “open market” area with skylights and range of services, including a coffee shop, hair salon, used-clothing store and hospitable settings to relax and socialize.

Ottawa, Ontario
Parkin Architects Limited in joint venture with Adamson Associates Architects
Infrastructure Ontario
400,000 sf / 37,160 sm