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The Royal Bank of Scotland Headquarters

2009 , Stamford, Connecticut
Design Architect: Roger Ferris + Partners LLC
Client: Royal Bank of Scotland
Categories: Commercial | Low-Rise
About project
About project

The 12-story headquarters for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Stamford, Connecticut combines consumer banking, insurance, and trading facilities under one roof. Located on a 4.25-acre riverfront site, the distinctive glass and steel design makes a strong visual impact from Interstate 95, the busiest highway in the Northeast United States.

Unlike typical American financial centers, the wedge-shaped, mid-rise building eschews the common tower solution to US Banking facilities and focuses on the provision of a comfortable, healthy, and sustainable working environment for its almost 3,000 occupants.

Unique features of the design include narrow and elongated floor plates that maximize daylight for inhabitants, the generous distribution of breakout rooms and various common spaces to foster interaction and communality, and an urban courtyard that serves as the roof for the two-story trading floor.

Location: Stamford, Connecticut
Design Architect: Roger Ferris + Partners LLC
Architect of Record: AAI Architects, P.C.
Client: Royal Bank of Scotland
Size: 1,077,000 sf / 95,222 sm
Office Low-Rise icon
Office Low-Rise
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Parking for 1440 cars
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Fitness Center
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Sports Bar
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Coffee Shop
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Rooftop Park
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LEED® Gold Certified
Completion: 2009